22 Children’s Stories

Are You Ready For a New Generation of Fables and Fairytales?

Amazing Collection of Original Children’s Stories!

Author and master storyteller Errikos Kalyvas presents 22 original stories for you to share with your children. Each whimsical story will delight parents and children as they rediscover the power of imagination together.

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About the Book

Each story has is accompanied by a charming full-color illustration (full-color only ebook version; b&w paperback). You and your children will meet memorable characters who not only entertain but also help teach important life lessons.

If you loved Aesop’s Fables or stories like Peter Rabbit, you and your children will fall in love with Kalyvas’s tales of hens, hedgehogs, beetles, butterflies, and cookie jars.

Inside you will meet such fun and memorable characters as the Donkey and the mean Farmer, the Three Little Dolphins, and the Stubborn Spider. While each story is the perfect length for bedtime, you may find that both you and your children can’t stop at just one.

If you want to find a way to bond with your children that’s not video games or movies, you need this book. Bring back the joy of reading, dreams, and imagination one story at a time. Find time to read and laugh with your children today.

There is a number of different versions available:

  • Generic e-book with color illustrations available for Apple iBook, Amazon kindle, kobo, nook, smashwords and other platforms. Preview under the “Preview” section at the left side (or above; depending on type of your device) other preview options.
  • Read-along e-book available only for Apple iBook (please see “22 Children’s Stories (Extended Version)”)
  • Paperback with b&w illustrations. Preview under the “Preview” section clicking the “VIEW BOOK SAMPLE” button.
  • Audio book (under publication). Preview under the “Preview” section, at the bottom.
Genre: Kids' Books
Tags: Ebook, English, Paperback
Publisher: epsilon kappa publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Format: Ebook, Paperback
Length: Collection of Short Stories
ASIN: B008B6J81W
ISBN: 9781476064413
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22 Children’s Stories
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